COUPLES BOX 2 x 200g Grass Fed Fillet Steaks 2 x 190g Free Range Chicken Supremes ..
Ex Tax: £50.00
FREE RANGE CHICKEN BOX 1 x 1.8kg  Packingtons Free Range Chicken 2 x 250g  Packingto..
£52.00 £38.00
Ex Tax: £38.00
LARGE STEAK AND CHOP BOX 4 x 250g  Grass Fed Rib Eye Steaks 4 x 250g  Grass Fed Sirl..
£99.00 £75.00
Ex Tax: £75.00
WEEKEND ROAST BOX 1 X 1.8kg  Grass Fed Rolled Top-Side Beef Joint 1 x 2.6kg  Fresh B..
£74.00 £58.00
Ex Tax: £58.00
WEEKLY FAMILY BOX 4 x  200g  Free Range Pork Chops 4 x 120g   Fresh British Loi..
£63.00 £48.00
Ex Tax: £48.00

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Here at The Luxury Meat Box Company we endeavour to supply our customers with rare breed, free range & UK sourced beef, pork and chickens as well as grass fed and salt marsh lambs. All at amazingly competitive prices, we aspire to prove we are the best supplier pound for pound online! We have honestly tried the rest & we can confidently assure you, we are the best.

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