@angelarobsion : First time I’ve ordered meat like this and certainly won’t be the last. Arrived so well packed. Had the BBQ box and everyone loved it all. Outstanding quality. My personal favorite was the Peri Peri boneless chicken thighs. Five stars all round. 

@charlottekirby : Great company, fantastic service, quality of meat is 5 star and presentation—highly recommend to anybody for just a weekly shop/ dinner party/ BBQ season or a big party. 


@hannahhunt : I had my first delivery last week and the meat was packaged really well. Everything was very cold. I really like the fact the meat is from the UK and there is the option to make your own box. The chicken is delicious and I’m looking forward to trying the sausages. I would highly recommend ordering your meat from this company and I’ll be putting another order in soon.  


@michellecullen : We've had our first order from this company and hands down the best, most delish meat ever. The pork chops are massive and full of flavor and taste Divine. The grass fed rump steaks were another winner, tender, scrumptious steaks. They arrived perfectly packaged and cold. The delivery was midday and couldn't wait to plan the weeks meals. No child has grumbled about a single thing so far and they can be fussy! The Mr hasn't complained about the meat and he hates meat from supermarkets! We will be ordering again and recommend to a friend already. 


@lovelifelavish1 : Tonight's dinner was amazing my sticky pork from the luxury meat box company. 


@carolejerram : Excellent quality delivered fresh to my door at my convenience. I am pleased that I don't need to be concerned about meat getting warm in the car after shopping and I can highly recommend it. An added bonus is that all the packaging on my delivery was recyclable. Looking forward to my next delivery. 


@fionamcintosh : Efficient friendly service the fillet steak is divine highly recommended. 


@serenasmith : Very good service. Meat taste beautiful… the product was well packed...thank you. 


@caraclayden : I had my first delivery from the luxury meat company and can honestly say everything is delicious. Well worth using and delivered to your door - fabulous. Will be definitely reordering 


@joelwren : Perfect luxury meat and extremely tasty very good price for the quality of the meat will certainly be ordering more of this!  


@matthewupson : We recently had a barbecue and ordered the BBQ box. It was excellent quality, all my family commented how great the steaks tasted. We are ordering again for this weekend.  


@lovelifelavish1 : Thank you to the luxury meat box company for our chicken everyone loves it. 


@tonyvann : I purchased the bbq box as a trial and I wasn't disappointed. The meat was of great quality and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this company and will be ordering again soon. Give them a go I'm sure you will be happy. 


@peterandre : Give these guys a try. Looks incredible. Apparently the quality is second to none. Delivered to your door. Can’t wait to try it. 


@peterandre : Thanks @theluxurymeatboxcompany in advance for what’s gonna be a killer BBQ weekend :) yum. 


@itsallabout_ellie : Super excited, got an amazing delivery from the luxury meat box company.