About Us


The Luxury Meat Box Company is a passion of Barry and Scott both of whom have over 65 years of butchery and meat distribution experience between them. Barry has been in retail for over 30 years and Scott in wholesale for the same time. Together after much discussion, they decided it was time to join the moving world rather than get left behind!

As the world is moving online they decided to join it, but in order to stand out amongst lots of mediocre online meat suppliers they went a few steps further. They tried many other meat box companies and after getting unappealing vacuum packed food  Barry and Scott took the opportunity to fill a much need gap in the market. To sell fresh, succulent tasting produce that can be enjoyed by everyone, for the best price!

So the idea came alive, the first step was to visit rare breed suppliers, free range pork and chicken suppliers as well as scaling the country for grass fed and salt marsh lambs. Then purchasing all of the above produce in order to test and decide what is the best quality for the meat loving consumer.

After much testing of temperature controlled deliveries and after nearly 2 years of planning, the concept was perfected and with this is mind The Luxury Meat Box Company was formed!  Only now as the business unfolds and grows we can show our loyal customers what luxury truly looks like!

We can guarantee all our meat and poultry is 100% british sourced from the countries best farms with full 100% traceability on all of our products. So rest assured from farm to fork you will be ordering the best of british products guaranteed every time.

We look forward to receiving your order & being given the chance to prove ourselves ..to be the best!

Barry and Scott sourcing the best scotch beef

Barry and Scott at Packingtons Free Range Farm